Code P0740 and P0700 - Issues I am Having (ABS, Transmission Fluid)


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Feb 18, 2022
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Phoenix & Pittsburgh
It's been a long 2 months trying to pin point the issues I am having with my Liberty but I am close to getting her fixed. I do know that she's having some transmission fluid issues and ABS wheel speed sensor issues. The P0740 and P0700 are still coming up on my vehicle.

Common problems with the P0740 code are:
- Transmission Fluid
If there isn't enough transmission fluid, the transmission will not be able to operate normally. There are many symptoms of "low transmission fluid."
Most noticeable is "transmission slipping."
If the transmission fluid is dirty or burnt, it can make the transmission behave in a way that is not normal and throw the P0740 code.

If the fluid is "low" or "bad" replacing the fluid should be considered an urgent priority.

*** Get Transmission Fluid and Filter ***

There is also issues with:

- Wiring Issues
- TCC Solenoid
- Torque Converter
- Problem in the Case

Either way, this code is not easy to figure out right away and takes a professional to repair the vehicle.

That being said, I am going to do the transmission fluid and filter to see if that helps at all. If I am still having the burnt smell coming from my Jeep with the code showing, I'll have someone repair whatever it is asap.

Many of you know what it is like to have a Liberty. I love my Liberty like it is a brand new Ferrari. Haha. I don't want another vehicle as many people tell me, "get a replacement." NOT an OPTION!

Note: I checked my transmission fluid and it is nasty looking (brown) so I need to get it replaced asap.
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