8.25 DTT Carrier Install Specs –Ring Bolts, Preload, Backlash, Bearing Caps

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Oct 27, 2021
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Hello All. I’m installing a Detroit TrueTrac in the rear 8.25 on my 2004 KJ. I’m having a difficult time finding the torque specs for the carrier. Unfortunately the Chilton manual doesn’t have any information about installing a carrier. After looking around on the web, it seems that the torque specs people are using are all over the place.

I know many people on this forum are running a DTT in the rear with no issues. Can you please list the torque specs you used for the ring bolts, preload, backlash, and bearing caps.

Based on my research, the best I can find:
Ring bolts: 55 lb-ft
Preload: 75 lb-ft
Backlash: 6-10
Bearing caps: 60 lb-ft

Thanks for the info,