Jul 14, 2005
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      tom, new here but been lurking for a while. 05 liberty crd with 2 inches of lift. want to go higher. have JBA front end parts. how do i get in touch with you to discuss.
    2. lfhoward
      Hi Tom, I am trying to help a guy out on JF who wants an OME lift on a KK plus what it takes to make it 3” instead of 2.5”. I dove in but now I’m feeling like I’m a bit nervous I’m going to tell him the wrong thing. Can you take a look for me? Thanks, Lauren
    3. Reef
      Hey Tom I have a question for you as you seem to be the go to guy around here. I have a early 03 3.7 4x4 5 speed. Built in 10/02. I want to replace my headlights. Rock auto has listings for them but there was a change in them in 10/02 according to their listings. Do you know what the difference is? I am having them shipped to Canada so wouldn’t be able to return them if they’re wrong.
    4. Dane
      Tom would you be willing to share your plans for the bumpers you previously made?
    5. marcel begemann
      marcel begemann
      i have a 2005 jeep liberty , came with Old man emo coils and 3/4 spacers . replaces with a 2" spacer . put back together and now have a grinding ish sound on acceleration and turning . i did replace both sides with stock over the counter cv axles from Lordco at the same time .
      have read guys using bigger spacers with no problems . stumped as to what's causing this , was not there before the lift .
    6. nomorework
      I am sure you have answered this many times but I am installing Old Man Emu 927/948 springs and am wondering if I should match them with Emu Nitrogen shocks or Sport shocks. Jeep is an 03 and is my daily driver and lift is for bigger tires.
    7. onesik86
      Hi Tom. I currently drive a 06’ 3.7l. I just found a 02’ 2.4l at the junkyard with 4.10 gearing in the rear. My questions are the junkyard rear end is drums. My 06’ is discs. Is buying the junkyard 4.10’s worth it to put in my 06’ or should I just wait and buy a locker and gears down the road for the rear? Or is it worth buying it because I’ll need the axles and any other parts to convert to 4.10 gearing?
    8. randomuser107
      I'm mainly just trying to get my Jeep Liberty KK (2011) to sound better on the front end - suspension sounds awful despite some work done to the front struts (i don't trust the guys who did the work anyway) maybe involves UACs?

      Where can I measure from in order to find the vehicle / suspension height?

      Thanks a lot.
    9. randomuser107
      Hi Tom, in the same situation as Steve - looking through previous posts regarding clunking and rough rides on the liberty, unfortunately I don't see JBA selling any econ lifts and RRO seems to be the only place offering a kit. Hoping you'd be able to assist me in setting up my own kit based on ideal prices/parts/performance. Definitely interested in OME's as I see you talk about them a lot but a lot to take in.
    10. Steve stiller
      Steve stiller
      High Tom, wanted to pick your brain on Liberty kk. What lift do you recommend and can you refer me to where I can order one ASAP. I was told you could run a 255-75-16 on them with a three inch? Seen skyjacker said 33”11.5 tire could be ran with there lift. Ran them for years but looking on here old threads seem not good? Seen jba has upper control arms. Thanks in advance for your knowledge and guidance
    11. miles
      hello, i noticed you mentioned that you are a admin for lostjeeps too. i changed my email address under profiles and now can't get access anymore. all i get is bounce backs when emailing admin. is there anything you can do to get me re-activated? my username is milesb and the new email address is [email protected]
      thank you
    12. miles
      hello, i noticed you mentioned that you are a admin for lostjeeps too. i changed my email address under profiles and now can't get access anymore. all i get is bounce backs when emailing admin. is there anything you can do? username is milesb
    13. bladerunner555
      Is there any thing I can use to keep the wiring from coming uncovered by the weather stripping?

      And than to get the wiring in to the vehicle(so i can connect the switch),i go through the firewall?
    14. Proudsoldier_kj
      Is there anywhere to purchase a metal winch bumper for the 05 kj I’m looking everywhere and can not find one? Does some one custom make them?
    15. Tim Sargent5439!
      Tim Sargent5439!
      what kind of lift are you running if you don't mind me asking? I have a 3 inch RC lift on mine running 265/70r16 and rub s when I offroad. I don't want to stiffen the suspension unless absolutely necessary. I dont mind trimming plastic or metal either since I use it primarily offroad as a trail vehicle/overlanding. any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
    16. Brendon Holt
      Brendon Holt
    17. Scoops82
      I’m planning on lifting my liberty 3inchs will anything need to be extended besides the bump stops on the front and rear ?
    18. Balor
      Hi tommudd
      I'm new to the forum and would like to know if you have any pictures of your liberty? Thanks
    19. jeep lover
      jeep lover
      my car jeep liberty kk 2008, i can't found the cabin air filter. very bad air inlet during A/C using.
      1. lfhoward
        Sep 7, 2019
    20. TheSodaFountain
      Hello, I have an 05 KJ looking to do an OME lift, some spacers, ARB rear locker, full skid row armor underneath, and 235/75r16 tires. Will I need a regear with this added weight? Thanks.
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