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    Let me just make known...

    Haha thanks man! It's cool to reconnect after some time.
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    Let me just make known...

    Well, it's been practically 3 years since I sold my KJ. Surprised I still remember my log-in information. Figured I'd give a little update. A dude here in town actually bought it, and I often see it around town still. His work is less than 5 minutes from my house. Still exactly the way I left...
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    So my power steering pump REALLY hates the cold

    Dude, Jeep's in general hate the cold. My shocks were really bad when it got cold.
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    Need Y'all's help

    So we're in the middle of selling the KJ. Everyone that has come to look at it has been very pleased, until after they test drive it. After about 10-20 mins of driving, there is a sometimes faint but very distinct fluid burning smell. Not sure if coolant or oil, but there is no smoke or leak...
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    speedometer error...

    GPS isn't always accurate... just my advice.
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    Let me just make known...

    2012 Honda Civic Coupe. Got it in September with 8k miles, and recently hit 12k. Gas in the KJ wasn't cutting it despite how much I loved that Jeep. Plus we kept having stupid issues with it. It was a great vehicle, never died on me or left me stranded. Even though it still sits in my driveway...
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    Let me just make known...

    that this site is so much easier to use than other forums. I tried signing up for a forum for my new car that I recently got and its so confusing to navigate. Huge thanks to the admins for making a forum thats fun and easy to use. I miss my KJ terribly.... :(
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    Hope you enjoy your new car, friend. I know how you feel as I made this switch months ago.
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    I just wanted to take the time to thank everyone that has helped me on this forum. Unfortunately, last weekend I had to bid goodbye to Libby. Gas mileage has been absolutely killing me lately, and she was rounding the corner to have some issues. Spent today putting the stock headunit back in and...
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    Didn't think there were this many on here. Wow.
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    New Toys for Libby

    Alright guys heres the pic: The Specs: 2 12" Memphis PR Subs 1 Alpine MRP-M500 Amplifier (hard to see,on the back of the seat to the left of the subs) (500 Watts RMS, this is what Memphis suggested for the subs) 1 Memphis Car Audio Ported Box. ..And all the wiring that is hidden among the...
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    New Toys for Libby

    Tomorrow is a big day for the Libby. Finally got the money saved up to get a system I'm getting 2 12" Memphis PR Subwoofers in a ported box with a 1200 watt amp. It's getting installed tomorrow morning at my local car audio store. I will post pictures tomorrow when I get the chance, and let...
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    Engine Steams During Heavy Rain

    Thanks guys! I had a feeling it was just something hot but I wanted to make sure.
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    Engine Steams During Heavy Rain

    This is the second time I've noticed this, but I haven't really looked into it. Wondered what y'all thought first.. We got some heavy rain down here today. After just driving down the road to pick up dinner, less that 5 minutes, I noticed steam coming out from under the hood. Car idles fine...
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    02 Liberty Renegade Limited...Resurrection

    Sounds good. I'll let you know when I can find the time/money to make it up that way.

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