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    Need some trade advice!

    TJKJ2002 hit the nail on the head. Here's the thing though... If the 2003 is going for that cheap why would they be willing to pay you top dollar on your trade-in? Obviously in your market the KJ's are a bit soft. If the two are in similiar condition I suspect that you can expect to pay an...
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    What should I do?

    I was just researching it up a bit. I have over 107k on my Renegade and the tires "give" more often than not. It actually acts more often like a lincoln locker in quasi-tighter turns (under slight acceleration). I wonder if a previous owner might have thrown something else in there instead...
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    What's missing from your KJ that the build sheet says it has?

    2004 Renegade The factory rock sliders The light covers for the upper lights The six disc changer head unit (was under back seat)
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    What should I do?

    **** the smell of gear **** makes me ***** :killit:. unfortunately the wife doesn't think so :disgust:. Only six months into Liberty ownership... What is the Trash-lock? My '04 Renny has a really-tight limited slip... Is that what you are all calling the trash-lock? What are the issues...
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    I'm strongly considering a Liberty... ???

    5-speed NVG NV1500 manual was the 2wd transmission 5-speed NVG NV3500 manual was the 4wd transmission 6-speed Mercedes/Chrysler NSG370 manual My 5-speed 4wd Liberty has the V6 gearing is 3.73:1
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    Reasonable asking price?

    I just paid I think it was $12,900 for my '04 Renegade in Great Falls last July with 95k miles. No sliders but everything else was there in stock form. Oh and mine is a 5-spd (a little harder to sell). I've seen stock Renegades (comparable to yours) go through my fathers auto auction for...
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    I'm strongly considering a Liberty... ???

    My father owns a car dealershiop and an auto auction here in Montana... I have personally only seen one manual transmission Liberty. I bought it. I'm not sure on the actual numbers / rarity of it, but they are damn few and far between. Get a Renegade if you're going to off-road it. My '04...
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    Cheaper to lift?

    Better advice is hard to come by... I evidently had to make the mistake atleast one more time and smacked into my wife's Jeep sliding down the driveway a month a go. I was putting off getting tires to research the lifts available... Now the money for the lift gets to go towards bodywork.:pp:
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    Cheaper to lift?

    That's because my wife keeps the "Official" rule book locked in the glove box of her Wrangler... It states that her Jeep will be getting new tires before I go replacing my one-month-old Coopers.
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    Cheaper to lift?

    This sounds entirely too familiar... It sounds like you are in exactly the same boat I am. I just bought new tires so Idon't want to lift it just yet, but the factory suspension (107k) is starting to bottom out.
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    KJ is PAID OFF!

    Damn braggards... I've got four years left. The '00 TJ is paid-off though.
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    Mopar brush guard??

    I think I might like one of those police numbers... I'll have to set out looking for a picture of one, you know unless someone had a picture handy and all...
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    general rant

    There's alot in this world that would be solved with a good-old-fashioned ***-whooping. The kid that did the hit and run - ***-whooping. Drawnon for not keeping your head about you when dealing with the kid- ***-whooping. The kid's friend and dad for trying to jump your **** without all the...
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    New here, rolled 02 it fixable?

    Personally I like to take the 6cyl out of things and stuff V8's in there place:icon_twisted:. I'm waiting for someone else to do it first in a KJ.
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    4x2 KJ 's off road (we can too)

    2nd post this thread. just sayin...