PCM- C2 Pinout 2005 Jeep Liberty. Tryin

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    Trying to locate the pin for injector 2 and Coil 2 on the PCM wiring harness. It would be greatly appreciated if someone could share it. Thank you. My cylinder 2 is not firing. Installed all new coils, spark plugs, and injectors.
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    Download the 2005 Jeep KJ Service manuals here:


    Section 8W has the wiring diagrams....the Index of 8W points you to the pinouts on the various connectors and the Index points you to Components such as "Injector" so as to point you to the relevant wiring diagram.

    It is difficult to get to the relevant pin on PCM/ECM connectors...Best to make note of the color of the wire ie. something like Red with Black Stripe. Then disconnect battery and unplug the PCM connectors and the relevant Plug/Injector connectors.

    Now tape small pins or sewing needles to your meter leads so that you can piece the insulation of the wire in question at both ends and measure for continuity end to end and and for leakage to ground.

    Also with the small pin/needle points you can carefully probe the female pins on the connectors.

    When measuring resistance..make sure you do not touch the meter lead ends with bare hands or your body internal resistance interferes with the meter reading.
    You can close the up the break in the insulation with a bit of glue or melt with a soldering iron once you are finished.;)

    You sure you have the correct spark plugs in good condition gapped to the correct value..should be NGK ZFR6F-11G Gap at .040 inch.
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