Loud sound front right even after replacing hub and removing front prop shaft - help

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Dec 10, 2023
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Working on my brother's KJ. He's had it about a month and we've done front discs & pads. He had a noise come up (front right) that sounded like wheel bearing/hub similar to what I'd had in my XK (commander). Noise is speed dependent, not RPM dependent.

I replaced the passenger side front hub with a NAPA part. Noise was still there. Over the course of the last couple of weeks with lots of driving (he does uber eats, dash, etc) the noise has gotten much worse. ALSO replaced tires that had pretty decent tread but were about 12 years old.

I read this week the great discussions about such noises and the possibility for it to be the front prop shaft's rear cv. We pulled the prop shaft today. Rear bearing a bit loose so will rebuild that but the noise is still there which leaves 3 things in my mind:

1. New NAPA wheel hub bad? I checked it b4 install and seemed solid.
2. Passenger front axle shaft ?
3. Something in the front diff?

I'm posting a link of the noise and hopefully someone's heard this one before and can comment. I'm feeling like a parts shotgun idiot at this point, lol. Thought for sure it was the hub...

Appreciate any ideas!
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