how to make intake sound louder.

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    I have yet to see anyone else do a cold air intake the way I did. It you are pulling air from under the hood it is NOT a cold-air intake.

    The way I tackled the cold air intake issue was to trim down the front grill over the passenger side headlight making and intake in the front of the KJ. This keeps the intake at about the original height above the ground and sucks in the air from in front of the vehicle. It probably also gives a slight ram-air effect being in the front of the vehicle. Lastly, it does change the sound can hear the air flowing in when the engine is rev'ed.

    Kind of makes the sound Mad Max's car made in The Road Warrior when the supercharger came on and started sucking in air.

    You can see pics of how I did my mod in the link in my sig below. Photos from the front are on page two with some better under the hood photos on page three of my mods. The shiny paint from the first set of photos has weathered some so you can get a better idea of the intake before the air box. You can see the intake geometry and my replacement of the hose between the air box and throttle body. This hose smooths and speeds up the flow allowing more air to get to the throttle body.

    Note: The size of the opening is larger in square inches/cm that any of the openings in the air box, box to throttle body hose or throttle body itself. This limits restrictions to air entering the engine - Unlike the stock intake configuration which has the air actually coming into the intake area from the gap between the hood and passenger fender behind the air box (also see my images for that).

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