Edit - phone glitched, posted this twice... please ignore this one. Humming noise starts at 40mph

Oct 25, 2021
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For a few months now I have had a humming/howling noise whenever the Jeep hits 40mph on the dot. The sound increases with more speed but levels out at about 65mph and is then oscillating, changing between a little higher and then lower pitch every couple seconds. Almost like the A/c cycling on and off except much much louder and the sound is there whether the A/c is turned on or not.
Had a mechanic friend check it and he could not find anything wrong with the wheel bearings. Tires are worn a tiny bit unevenly because I had the same tires already before I changed out bad shocks/struts x4 this past spring. Noise was already there before suspension parts were changed out but has gotten much louder lately. Noise did not start when I first got the tires but later (they are stock size A/T tires and were initially very quiet even at high speeds). Tires have been rotated every 6,000 miles and another alignment was done a couple of weeks ago. That shop also said there was no problem with the wheel bearings and blamed the tires. But the noise is getting louder and louder. Shouldn't the tires wear more even now that the suspension is fixed? There is also considerable vibration in the steering wheel when driving on one particular road in my neighborhood but not others.
Any ideas??