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    Post Your KJ in Snow!

    Nice, mine looked like that today, plowed in, couldn't even open the doors. Had to do some shoveling to get some rocking room.
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    2002 OEM Radio: $35 shipped

    #P56038588AL This is an AM/FM cassette head unit and is designed to work with the factory multi-disc CD changer in models equipped with premium sound. Unit has been sitting for 5 years but just recently installed to make sure everything works perfectly. $35 shipped USA only. Great...
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    Post Your KJ in Snow!

    Taken this afternoon. Had her out for about 10 hours yesterday during our little blizzard pretending I was one of the Duke boys! I plan on getting her stuck somewhere.
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    Centralia, PA trip Oct 24

    I also had something come up. Really sad I missed this one, even called a bud out in Harrisburg and told him I was visiting. Hope you're all havin a blast!
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    Best way or place to get a spare key?

    That is a really nice price, but stay away from a dealer.
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    advice on what to check

    I have it too, some local mechanics tell me it's normal. I tried the dealer but they wanted $100 just to look at it.
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    05 Key program problem

    You will have to visit a local locksmith with the programing, do not see a dealer, they will **** you. For using the key part, they will have to check the cuts on the key and your key to see if they can trim it down.
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    Best way or place to get a spare key?

    Do not go to a dealer, find a local locksmith that has the programing equipment. It will save you about $40-$50 Since you have one left it should only cost you about $75 (more or less on location) Those numbers on the tag are for the dealer when you have no keys left.
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    Hey! I got a new Liberty ca...

    Congrats and welcome!
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    Very Crazy Evic Question

    I would say kinda sorta but not really, and not sure if it will fit where you want. I think the bare minimum would be the black unit seen here in my pic, fastened by the four nickel screws. But I also do not know if the led screen can be flipped. Maybe down in the space next to the cig...
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    Garmin Jeep Liberty Icon

    Any chance someone has a working link to the black one? Thanks Edit: Nevermind, got it, google is awesome. I got the black one but also found the General Lee one so I'm going to use that for awhile.
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    2008+ Jeep Liberty Floormats - $30

    2008+ Jeep Liberty Floormats - $30 - North Jersey Came across these, looks like a great deal for someone.
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    EVIC install help

    Ok so my friend gives me the connector and says this is how it came, that the junkyard ripped out everything. I've looked over numerous threads about doing the install and before I go messing with the datalink connector and mess up my system. I'd like to see if any of you have an Evic that...
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    Camping Alice Lake With Ryan& Jen and ..OUCH !!!

    Looks like a fun time, too bad about his finger though. Maybe next time bring a chainsaw? Those ribs look delicious!
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    Orange County, New York

    Hey Rich, I'm up in Goshen all the time, was just there last weekend, I lived in Middletown for a few years back in the early 90's. Any chance you know a nice legal spot to get your KJ dirty? Also next time I'm up there and if you still have it, I'm interested in that hook. Dean