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    Thanks for everything

    Thank you to all the great people who have helped me with my KJ by your helpful ideas and opinions. Unfortunately I got rid of my 2006 KJ Renegade for 2012 Wrangler Sahara Altitude edition. I love it! At least I know I'll never be far from some knowledgable people when the time comes. This...
  2. 2012 Wrangler Sahara Altitude edition

    2012 Wrangler Sahara Altitude edition

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    Can a Cigar Lighter outlet be used...

    My 06 has power when the vehicle is off. I have a nasty habbit of forgetting to unplug my XM radio. I actually left in plugged in all weekend but it started right up today.
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    This is going to be my latest high dollar upgrade!

    I remember a few years back when this started makin the
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    Looking forward to this delivery!

    As I am ignorant to the purpose, what does this do? Is it to use different rims or does it just widen the wheel base a tad?
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    Finally Completed then Totaled

    As usual, I posted hours ago only to find out my post never took. So again, here we go...... So sorry about the KJ but I'm glad your daughter was ok. Vehicles are replaceable, people aren't. If the hitch is still available and it isn't too expensive to ship to 60133 I would love to get it...
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    Exhaust Opinions Please

    If I wasn't so lazy and video editing inept I would have posted a video by now of my Thrush Weld. It sounds awesome, but not annoying. My wife hated my Explorer with the Cherry Bombs on it and actually doesn't mind the KJ. Hopefully, this thread will light a fire under me **** and I will get...
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    Info on HID/Xenon Kit Installation

    I know in Illinois you can get a ticket if your vehicle has HID's and it didn't come from the factory. Maybe know is the wrong word to use, I have heard from many people. Most people I know just get the super bright bulbs or those blueish bright bulbs.
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    My One Fog Light Burn out...

    I love that it applies to the Rene, I have always wondered how and what bulb. Now I have a saved link. Thanks LTC!
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    Vibration at idle in drive?

    "shudders".... much better way to describe it! :waytogo:
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    Vibration at idle in drive?

    My car vibrates enough to see my empty passenger seat shake. When I take my foot off the brake and barely idle forward it seems more of a jerk-jerk movement than vibration. Never had it looked at as I too thought it was just a worn mount. I prolly should but you know how mechanics can never...
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    Help me! Airbag light is being a PITA!

    My air bag light would come on and off with out any specifics. Sometimes when I started it. Sometimes after it was warmed up. Sometimes when I accelerated, other times when I was at idle. Thanks to a day at the dealer and a new clock spring and air bag the light issue is gone.
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    Parts for Sale

    I never understood people not wanting to ship. If the buyer wants to pay shipping, then why not do it. If shipping it is that much of an inconvienence (sp?) then add a couple $$ for your troubles. I have lost out on so many great finds because of the unwillingness of the seller to take the...
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    What does everybody pay for their fuel

    $3.59/gal.... tried to fill up on tuesday, had 1/2 a tank & put in $40 and paid $3.35 and still didn't hit the F mark. Let me tell you something. For people to shit talk people of the middle east as being barbaric, backwoods, dawn of time no advancement society.... they sure know how to make...