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    1. LibertyTC
      Dave ,
      Seems KjC has a redirect problem. Cant view any post as you are redirected before you can read post to
      Tried Firefox and Chrome both act the same.
      Though u should know. Tim
    2. Minimike
      Hey, I'm not sure who to talk to about this but I wanted to express my feelings on recent events. I opened a topic to try to deal or correct an issue I was having with my jeep. I received nothing but criticism and was repeatedly made fun of and verbally abused. I was hoping for moderator involvement. Some newer members also feel that this forum is somewhat hostile. I have been on this forum since March and have had several bad instances. Now I am afraid to post anything for fear of being ridiculed. Its just a shame that if you don't seem to fit the norm of the people on the forum you will be made example of and with no backing or protection. I'm not sure what to do but I refuse to argue online with people that are not willing to understand or that still comment even though they have nothing constructive to add.

      Sorry to bombard you with this.

      I will say that I did get some great advice, but that didn't stop the naysayers.

    3. Luke
      Mornin' Dave :D
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