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    42RLE and 45RFE Transmission Filter and Gasket Info

    extreme caution..- they can be stretch beyond usability very easy or at least mine did... I used black rtv on the 03 and did use a gasket with silicone on the 02.
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    02 KJ limited edition 3.7L

    I am close to you and had a 2002 limited Money Pit also...Looked really good for the age inside and out, and replaced all suspension front and rear, rebuilt both drive shafts, a arms, heater core, ac etc etc..but in the end I could not resolve the thunk coming from the rear diff. that happened...
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    OK... Time to ask experts!!!!!

    Perhaps try spraying some carb cleaner around the intake to see if there may be a some sort of vacuum leak. Check the exhaust for leaks as well but one can usually here them. Does it shift ok because sometimes a issue with the trans can cause stalling. Did you replace the coils or at least...
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    Front diff seal?

    Hey Craigo - I changed out a rear dif seal a few years ago on a 02 but now there is a clunk in the back and since all the rear suspension has been replaced I am wondering if I made a mistake when loading the bearing. I ran in to an issue when the nut had to be replaced and the replacement was...
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    Control arm questions

    I had to replace the bolts and nuts...they were Chrysler only or at least I did not find them any where and the bolt was about 75$ each and the nut was ? but it was expensive. The alignment shop had the nerve to complain it was hard to work on..I was thinking this guy has a lift, heated shop...
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    Replacing front hubs

    I did not require a puller to replace the driver side knuckle on a 2002 liberty - Be sure to buy a known part manufacture with good track record - rock auto gives its customer choices but most auto parts will sell the brand they carry. No big deal unless you want to do it twice...
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    I use to live in the southern U.S and had the convince of three auto parts stores all with in 3 miles. Now I am married and live in Ontario and the prices are almost robbery!! I have used Rockauto both in the States and in Canada with complete satisfaction and that includes some Mopar parts...
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    Timing question

    There is a link to a 2006 FSM in my "In deep with airbag light" thread. Perhaps it will help.
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    What did you do to your jeep today?

    Cleaned the Snow off...Yeah
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    In Deep with Air Bag light

    Hey Mangate I am unsure of the ABS, however after the second time to dealer and the airbag errors where resolved, my scan jet showed the airbag system passed. I would think your scanner should detect the ABS system even with no errors, however perhaps that is normal for your scanner. If you...
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    In Deep with Air Bag light

    Thanks Bill.. It has been a long hall and yes there are no errors now. Not sure what the issue is with the new style ACM and old style impact sensors. Maybe a tolerance issue. In any event I knew there was an issue with the service when my jeeep came back from the recall with four errors...
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    In Deep with Air Bag light

    The second trip to the dealer completed the recall on the ACM / ORM as well as cleared out all airbag codes. the issue is resolved. Unclear on what exactly happened at dealer regarding the actual work. My 02 does not have the side air bag option, however when they installed the replacement...
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    In Deep with Air Bag light

    At this point the "In Deep with Airbag Light" thread has become a log. Hopefully some of the information on this thread will be helpful for some... I called Chrysler Canada yesterday and after giving all the details they suggested the service manager be contacted. Dealer Service Manager asked...
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    In Deep with Air Bag light

    So we picked up the 02 from the dealer after they replaced the ACM / ORM as per the recall. Keep in mind things started to go south at the drop off... Below are the scan results before and after having the recall service. Record Date: Dec 04/2017 Time: 1305 Read codes P1200...
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    In Deep with Air Bag light

    The little shorting pin inside the seat belt pre-tensioner was a pita. A toothpick ended up being the best tool to lift it up. The jeep was dropped off this morning for the ACM / ORM recall. Here is the catch when taking vehicle to dealer..! Dealer verifies customer name and the working...

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