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Sep 17, 2021
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Hi all,

I've gotten to be friendly with an elderly gentleman who lives around the corner from me and has an 07 Limited. He bought in new and was his wife's commuter for about 8ish years before she retired. We got to chatting last night and he mentioned that they're going to let it go as she has been in poor health and it doesn't get driven anymore. Anyway, curious what ya'lls thoughts would be on a reasonable offer for this KJ. Normally I can figure this out on my own, but this thing has less than 30k miles on it. Yes, that is correct. I hopped into it last night to run some ABS codes for him and the ODO shows 29k and change. Other details: it's 2wd, has a tow hitch, does NOT appear to have additional cooling capabilities while looking under the hood. No visible leaks, all fluids appear clean and at appropriate levels, not a spec of rust anywhere to be found. Starts right up and has a smooth and strong idle.

KBB came back at my wife with a pretty wide range, something like 6500 on the low end and near 10k on the high end. So I dunno. I've never come across a 15 year old vehicle with only 3 years of mileage on it.

Are there Liberty-centric issues to look for after not being driven "enough"?

Edit to add: We're in the Charlotte area of NC. ABS codes appear to stem from a faulty wheel speed sensor. It's also getting low pressure reading from the spare, but I think the tire is bad as it has never been used.

What say you, Liberty tribe?
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Sep 14, 2009
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North Central Maryland
Around my area (North Central MD) it would be around 9-9.5k private party sale. That's assuming it has the standard Limited equipment and factoring in it's 2WD.