Timing Kit Recommendations and how far do I take sprucing up my new used engine?

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    Sep 30, 2020
    I apologize ahead of time if this topic has been gone through. I need to make some decisions quickly and could not find a previous thread.

    I bought a 04 liberty 3.7L 5 speed manual with a mistreated engine. looks like a valve is burnt and has a blown head gaskets. After pulling the radiator I do not think the former owner knew he had a 3 inch crack in the tank and he kept driving it. I bought a used engine with approximately 141K on it to replace the original engine. Should I put in a timing kit?

    I've been looking at costs and I see is the ITM kit on Rockauto. Does anyone have any experience or feedback about the quality of ITM parts? Are there other kits I should be considering that will do the job? Is it worth the extra money to just get the Cloyes kit?

    Below is a list of what I am replacing on the engine swap project so far:

    • radiator
    • coolant and heater hoses
    • motor mounts
    • manual transmission clutch kit
    • water pump
    • thermostat
    • injector o-rings
    • spark plugs

    What I am still considering replacing:

    • timing kit (engine is on in the stand)
    • oil pump (why not if I am doing a timing kit)
    With the old engine out and the replacement engine on an engine stand, what else should I consider changing? Am I nuking this project? Should I just call it a day and slap the used engine in already?
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    Make sure you use MOPAR thermostat for one
    HOAT coolant
    NGK copper plugs
    buy a good radiator , not one of the dime store knockoffs even with warranty
    as far as timing kit, very very few have ever had any issues with them going bad and lots of us are in over 200,000, 250,000, even 300,000 miles