p2074 code engine dies under load


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Jan 14, 2014
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Pearland, Texas
I have been piecing together a wrecked 05 liberty 3.7 4x4 for the last 3 weeks. The thing sat for about 6 years but starts and runs. When I drove it the first time is would drive fine until you tried to load it. As you press the throttle it just dies abruptly. In 6 to 10 seconds it will restart so my initial thought was fuel pump due to how long it had sat up. So now I have put in a new fuel pump, air charge temp sensor in the inlet elbow, and a MAP sensor in the front of the intake between the alt and AC comp. Still getting same code so I guess throwing a TPS at it is my next move but I am getting weary of this quick. I have sprayed around looking for vacuum leaks and nothing shows. Any thoughts????