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    Mar 16, 2020
    Hello all,

    looking to buy a KJ soon and join the family.
    I would like to benefit from the incredible knowledge of other members before I go ahead and purchase and so i am posting several questions. Anyone taking the the time to answer any will be greatly appreciated.
    Here goes
    1. I see there was a "facelift" somewhere around 2005/6. what are the differences between the pre and post facelift models?
    2. selectrac or command trac? and why
    3. on 29 inch tires and a modest 2-2.5 inch lift - which transfer case swap would be the best upgrade in terms of enhancing off road ability over rough terrain?
    4. I see there are two auto trannies available. a 4 speed and a 5 speed. it looks like the 5 speed is strictly mated to the diesel. is this true? if so can it be installed on the v6? is it worth while at all - meaning does it offer a lower 1st gear in comparison to the 4 speeds' 2.84:1? does anyone have any info on gear ratios of the 5 speed - I can't find any on the web
    5. how horribly weak is the dana30A installed upfront? does it break often and what options do I have to replace it with a steel diff?

    I would like to add that where I live, it is illegal to lift more than 2 inches or slap on anything larger than 29's (no mention of an SFA) and so available upgrades are more to do with gearing than anything else.

    thanks to all
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    That will get you and some others started
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    Sep 14, 2006
    Tom pretty much covered it all.
    1. Honestly it comes down to preference on that one. You either like the look of the 02-04 or of the 05-07. There were also some interior differences as well, the console was revised:


    2. Do you prefer reg part 4wd or the convenience of AWD?
    4. So with autos, 02 to mid 03 the 45RFE was available. Technically a 5sp (due to the kickdown gear 2P) it is usually listed as a 4sp because normal operation it's 1-2-3-4. Google "45RFE gear ratios" and you'll find them easily. Mid 03 onward the 42RLE (an adapted FWD transaxle crap trans) was used. Strictly 4sp and very intolerant of too much heat.