Fixed Dipstick Tube

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    20200123_151859 (222).jpg Just to show what I did - with much cursing and more swearing I dropped the back of the tranny and managed to get the back broken piece of the tube out. No (jeep) wreckers I contacted had a part and finally did find an OAM one in the states. $121 to get here but wouldn't be here for 6-7 weeks so they say.

    No matter this is what I did - The tube is 19mm so I got a 6 cm piece of rubber tubing with an inner diameter of 20mm, the one that doesn't deteriorate from oil and put both ends into the rubber tubing - clamp on both ends and waalaa.

    I was told that vibration cracked the original one right at the top of where the retaining bracket was.
    The tube itself is very very thin so they couldn't weld it- some sort of brazing might have done it but i bit the bullet and well a picture tells a thousand words.

    20200123_151911 (2).jpg

    and it's the exact same length as an original.
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