2020 KJ lift.

Discussion in 'Lift Kit Discussion' started by Twisred Axle, Jan 7, 2020.

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    I've spent days on this forum. I've read, priced parts, gotten to companies that no longer manufacture parts, part number changes . . .aaaaaahhhhh!!!!! My head is splitting. I'm lost, confused, frustrated and most of all, WANT TO TAKE MY KJ WHEELING....

    Ok, its 2020. A huge majority of what I read seems to no longer apply for . . . Whatever dang reason.

    I want 31 inch tires. I want this vehicle to perform. I've owned 6 jeep prior to this one. It shouldn't be this hard . . But I'm new to IFS and this seems to a bastard jeep that time forgot.

    Where and WHAT do I need to order. I'll regear, buy JBA UCAs. . . . whatever.

    Hows the BDS lift?
    Skyjacker still suck? (probably)
    Oh, and what about swaybar disconnects. . ?

    2006 liberty sport automatic. I want 31 10.50 . . Ish tires. I will tow a trailer with up to 3 dirt bikes from time to time. What do I need???
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    LOL it has all been discussed over the years up to last week even
    Its not that hard , READ
    BDS, well their springs are good but you are over paying for 4 springs, no front shocks are included and rear shocks are cheap ones that need replaced
    Skyjacker of course still has the same rate as stock

    so OME 927 and 948 springs
    bilstein or OME shocks, stock lenghth for front, plus Traflex bumpstops
    rear 2 hockey pucks per side bolted down to lower spring perch for added bumpstops
    OME 132L shocks or Bilstien 24-185660 shocks
    solid 2.5 inch which will give room for a 31 inch tall tire
    I run 265-70-16s ( 31s) on one of mine with 2.5 inches of lift, Wrangler Moab wheels ( 03-06) 4.10 gearing from a 4 cylinder gasser KJ
    works great and looks good