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Nov 6, 2012
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ridgeland, ms
The other day I tried to start my car and it wouldn't even turn over. I tried to check the battery and all the fuses and still nothing. So I decide to tow it to the dealer and he said it was the ignition cylinder link. To fix it, I would need to replace the whole steering column? I am not sure if anyone has had this problem in the past. It all sounds a bit fishy. Here is the exact email below:

This is an estimate:

On your 2005 Jeep Liberty, technician checked and found ignition cylinder link that goes to ignition switch broken, not allowing ignition switch to turn with key.

Parts(Steering Column): 250.00.
Labor 472.39
Tax and Shop Supplies 78.39
Total 800.78

This estimate includes parts from salvage yard, and therefore will have no warranty on part or labor. The original part is on national backorder. Thank you.


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