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    Safety Issues

    This is a error in design, the concept that they put a heat shield that is more than likely to be weighted down and bent onto the drive shaft which in turn will eat at it. According to the dealership unless you jack the car up you will never know that the heat shield is dragging
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    Safety Issues

    Hey Everyone, I want to let everyone know of a design defect that has caused me a repair bill of 5400.00 and no one will pay. I was driving down the road one day and at a stop light I went to leave the light and all of a sudden the side airbags deployed for at the moment no reason. When we...
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    Lights have a mind of there own...

    Ok, I need so much help.. I own a 2009 Jeep Liberty Sport 2wd, it has 46,000 miles and have been completely serviced. Well here recently, actually yesterday and all day today my parking lights refuse to turn off. I have the lights off inside the jeep but parking lights still on. Now I have...
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    Working w Perkins Performance on Custom Bumpers

    Will the bumpers be able to have a winch inside the bumpers? So it will have shackles? What kind of steel is it made of?
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    Snorkel/Front Bumper/Winch

    I have looked at winch cradles but heres my thing. Where I live if anything isnt bolted down on cars or hidden its stolen. Ever since i tinted my windows and added a shock sensor alarm no one has touched it but before that it was broken into like 5 times. Plus i wanted integrated in my bumper...
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    Snorkel/Front Bumper/Winch

    OK till the do come out with aftermarket bumpers is there a way to remove bumper cover and cut alittle to fit a winch in the stock rear bumper?
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    Snorkel/Front Bumper/Winch

    Well they need to figure something out.. I want a winch enclosed in a bumper for the front and the rear... As for a snorkel for my Libby..not important but looks wicked and I want one..
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    Snorkel/Front Bumper/Winch

    That is lame... does anyone know any companies that do custom make. I have noooo experience with any of that..
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    Snorkel/Front Bumper/Winch

    Hey Yall, Its been ages since I have posted. Full time Law Student and Full time worker takes most of my time. Anyways I am ready to do more work to my Liberty. I want to change my bumper to a steel bumper that can carry a winch and hold up to 2 aux lights. I can not find one...
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    Wires/ Alarm

    I have been cursed when it comes to installing an alarm on my 09 Jeep KK. So I was wondering does the Jeep KK have a single wire that Locks and Unlocks all the doors? If so what is the Wire color and location? Also door switch wires, is the one that controls all the doors that tell the computer...
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    Bigger Tires

    Ok, I just added a 3.5 inch lift to my Jeep KK. (pictures soon posted) however I want larger tires because the factory size to me looks a little weird. I don't wanna have to buy new rims or modify the wheel wells yet but still get close to 31's. When i contacted the dealership they told me...
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