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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    Well the issue was never resolved. it seemed to maybe be an issue with that specific model of KJ. I compared the suspension setup with some other KJ drivers and it was quite a bit different. So I came to the conclusion that it was not really stock. I sold my KJ and got a Suzuki Jimny. Think...
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    hey Tom. Will it cause the jarring/ thudding noise? it really feels like it's hitting something very solid. Its going in again tomorrow. For them to check if they aligned the notches etc properly. Hold thumbs. Pics and measurements as promised: Measurements: Before tyres. Front Wheel hub to...
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    Still having the issue. What if I disconnect the sway bar at the bottom to try isolate the noise? I put some grease on every part I think could be touching the part below or above. no grease transfer. BDS seems to have an idea that the coil might have been put in the wrong way round...
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    Thanks for the suggestions guys. The arms are touching the springs, there is a bit of paint off. So I guess I can sort that out with the a arms. The sound is not a gong sound though. It's really a harsh thud. So I will check with the chalk - good tip. Thanks again for the help so far...
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    Thanks Richar I'll ask the guys to have a look at that. This might be a noob question and I've looked all over and I get kinda different results. OME suspenjsion = No bumpstops needed BDS/BIlstein? Do I need bumpstops? THis would not be the shocks bottoming out surely? As I dont have extended...
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    I took this to the mech shop to install. The stuff is in and looks great. I have a problem though when i go over speed bumps (not even at too much speed.) - there is a hard "thud" noise from the front. They seem to think it might be the control arms touching the spring (i still have the stock...
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    We have them here in South Africa. Def. not a good as OME or BDS. But not bad. The ride is much harsher than OME and BDS. I'd say it;s a mid level lift option.
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    MiniMe - 2005 BLack Liberty Renegade KJ

    Great looking KJ there! New tires looks awesome.
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    Jo6pak's KJ

    Looking good! Love the job on the wheels man. A+
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    My Extreme Sport Edition

    Thanks guys! Hehehe how can the steering be on the wrong side when you guys drive on the wrong side of the road? :D Getting its lift done on the 15th - cant wait!
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    5 years ago...

    Nice post. To another 5!
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    Thanks for the tip!
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    BDS / Bilstein 2" lift

    Part number: Front: F4-BE5-D916-H0 Rear: F4-BE5-6458-H7 yeah I went Wheeling in the dunes here with some other Jeep guys and they swear by BDS. I suppose with a no nonsense warranty like BDS has whats not to like?
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