Sinkholes- This Jeep Liberty With Kayaks Was Mint !

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    When I first encountered this photo, I was concerned for the unfortunate owners.
    Proof that sinkholes suck, & can happen anywhere!
    How do you get the KJ out of there without more damage, a Crane/Rotator tow truck?

    After further research, I found the original story and what really happened.

    Denny and Cindy Henderson from Florida Explain what happened.
    "I'm sure everyone will ask that as these pictures were taken after the sun came up and at first glance you would think he drove into a hole.
    It happened about 5:30 in the morning. Of course it was dark and raining. The road had not collapsed but was undermined by the water main break.
    Once the weight of the car got on it, it it collapsed and created the sinkhole"

    They ^ Still don't explain how they got it out of the hole...

    Denny and Cindy continue to state:

    "Here's the update on our Jeep. After the under the hood area was cleaned out of water and sand and the air filter replaced, I was able to drive it across Highway 27 to a nearby auto service center that was recommended by friends. Waited there about 5 hours while things were checked out, tests were done, and some repairs made. The major item was replacement of the cooling fan assembly. It seems to be driving okay at this time. You would be amazed that there is only minor paint damage to a small section of the front end. The right quadrant was submerged in the sandy water, so the floor carpeting is soaked and there is sandy water dripping from the door. We'll have this looked at Monday somewhere.
    Thanks for your concern, everybody.

    They did open an insurance claim and it's probably still in great shape driving around today! :)

    One of the largest sinkholes involving cars was at the National Corvette Museum and was featured later on Road Kill as well.

    Restoration of the museum was a massive fill & reconstruction project!
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    If they had only mounted the kayaks BENEATH the Jeep instead of on top of it they would have made out fine. Worlds first amphibious Liberty.
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