Replacing shift solenoid on 03 Jeep Liberty 3.7

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    Oct 10, 2019
    Has anyone performed this?
    I am reading through the service manual but I would like to talk to someone who has done this before.
    I am a pretty able person and have been able to fix a lot of things on my jeep from learning online and watching videos.

    My jeep was parked for half a year, and when I started it back up it burned off some smoke and then seemed fine. I drove it a couple different times with no issues... Then a couple days later when I started it, the engine revved on its own for just a second, then idled like normal. However, ever since then it won't shift gears until about 1-1.5k rpms more than it normally would, and when it is in idle or stopping abruptly, if it gets a rev and then no throttle, it will die.

    I pumped all of the transmission fluid from the dipstick reservoir, and pulled the pan and changed the filter, filled the fluid back to proper level, did an oil and filter change on the engine, and disconnected the battery for about 25 minutes... It is running better and shifting better, but it still waits till 1-1.5k rpms too high and when it is in park if I give it gas and let off abruptly it will die.

    So, from what I have looked up, it seems that it could be the shift solenoid? I was reading in the manual about doing a "quick learn" on the transmission... I was told disconnecting the battery for ten minutes would essentially force the transmission to re-learn pressure averages etc...

    Any suggestions? TIA
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    A problematic shift solenoid could have associated trouble codes.
    Have someone with a good shop scanner read the codes.
    For Transmission fluid did you use ATF+4 ?
    Higher than normal rpms would look at iac intake air contol valve .
    Cleaning it and port may help.
    The Iac controls the idle.
    For cleaning IAC see post #10 onward: