KJ Lift Components FOR SALE

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Jan 9, 2021
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Howdy y'all

A while back I posted about my '05 KJ that I'd bought and planned to lift. For anyone who'd seen it, I'd painted it with a tan rhino liner paint and made a thread on this site.

Having put new tires on it I was waiting to install my lift, but in the meantime... I realized that the KJ just wasn't for me. I wound up selling it. The buyer didn't want the parts, so I still have them. Brand spanking new, sitting on a shelf in my garage.

What I have:

Front: Old Man Emu 927 springs with Bilstein #24-139168 shocks
Rear: Old Man Emu 948 springs with Bilstein #24-185660 shocks

These parts are per advice seen on this website, set to lift the Jeep about 2.5". You'd still need to acquire bumpstops to complete the lift.

I live in northeastern Iowa -- but will potentially be driving southeast to Florida at the end of the month. If you're interested in purchasing please message me; I believe I paid over $1000 for these parts but will double check pending a deal. I'd be happy to knock a little off that price, saving you money on the overall parts and also tax and shipping.

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