Different front Wheel Speed sensor on Jeep Liberty KK

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Gustavo Roa

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May 29, 2024
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I'm having trouble finding the right sensor for my 2011 Jeep Liberty. The wheel speed sensor, also known as an ABS sensor or Anti-Lock brake sensor, is different on the left side compared to the right side, which is the original one. It seems like it may have been replaced, and now I can't find the correct sensor. The reference numbers for the sensors that supposedly fit the car are ALS1916, 5S8608, 68004019AB, 68004019AC, 68004019AD, 52109776AE, and 68004019AA, but these are only for the right side of the vehicle.

The sensor that fits the right side does not fit on the left side and is a bit longer. I removed the old sensor, but I cut the wire and threw it away. Now I'm trying to find a similar sensor online, but it's not going well.

I found a sensor that is very similar to the one that fits the RAM 1500 (5179964AA), but the difference is that the cable output and where the screw goes are on the other side.

Right now, I have the sensor with a small base on it in order to fit, but I have an error C1014, which is Left Front Wheel Speed Comparative Performance.

I'd really appreciate the help in finding the right sensor.

I have attached some pictures. The one without the wire is the one that I need.

Thank you in advance!


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