Coolant Drip from Harmonic Balancer ... Water Pump?


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Jun 25, 2014
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Tucson, Arizona
I've considered this; but, most sources recommend avoiding RTV at the water pump at all costs. Regardless, like you, I worry that the designed gasket may not fill the imperfections that I'll obviously have now.

So, you put a thin bead on the gasket itself "and" on the outer edge the sealing surface on the water pump side?

Yes, I believe you understood what i was trying to say but just in case, it's the red outline is what I'm trying to convey.
i did a thin bead of RTV in between the edge of the waterpump and the gasket. (if you look at it, it'll be pretty obvious what I'm trying to say).
Think of it as the RTV 'gasket' on the outside with the gasket on the inside.
I also put a thin layer on the gasket.
The cross section profile of the gasket should look like a triangle.
I chose to apply a very thin layer of RTV on the outside facing face of this cross section. Hope this also makes sense.

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