Cargo area storage solution.

Discussion in 'Fabrication' started by JBDive, Aug 11, 2018.

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    Aug 15, 2015
    Was trying to find any type of storage solution for the rear cargo area and was very disappointed that even this late after the KJ platform introduction I can't find a thing.

    I did find on another forum where an owner built out a fairly decent system but to be honest I'd rather not build and material wise I'd rather not have a plywood solution.

    LOST JEEPS • View topic - KJ rear cargo area storage/organizer

    What I'd like is something that is deep enough to hold general tools like jumper cables, a small gun safe and such but not so tall as to waste what limited space we have back there. The above solution was a pretty good attempt at this. Anyone seen similar, found similar, built out similar?

    I will snag one of his images and post here, credit back to "2006 KJ"

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    Sep 6, 2015
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    Same here. Pretty much anything I find is for all of the 'popular' Jeeps.

    I picked up one of the cargo shelves from Rock Lizard a couple years back and that has been a lifesaver for at least helping organize the bigger camping and trail stuff.

    As far as storage compartments like the photo you posted, I have always struggled to find anything that was both functional but not heavy or too big.

    As such, I decided to go a different path. I built a CNC a couple months back and am going to experiment with making some aluminum or rigid polymer MOLLE panels for the sides and tailgate. Similar to the Smittybilt stuff available for Wranglers except not fabric-based. This would allow me to modularize and keep the floor mostly clear for storage.

    Maybe integrate a little lockbox. I have the CNC, a lot of aluminum, plastic sheets and quite a few ideas to try.
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    Part of the fun of owning a Liberty is there is not a lot of junk parts available like there is for XJs, YJs, TJs, etc etc
    Its a build it yourself world here , enjoy:winner_third_h4h: