2010 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7 engine swap with 07 Dodge Dakota 3.7 engine.

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Aug 9, 2023
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Hey everybody, the engine on my 2010 Jeep Liberty Limited 3.7 seized, so I bought a used one from a 2007 Dodge Dakota 3.7 and installed it. The problem I have is that the my liberty originally has only 3 ignition coils and 3 wires that jumó to the other 3 spark plugs and the Camshaft Position Sensor Connector from the 07 Dakota is different that the connector on my 2010 Jeep Liberty. Based off of the wiring schematics of my 2010 Liberty, cut the original connector off and adapted the conector that fits the Camshaft Position Sensor that came with the 07 Dakota engine. After my liberty turned on but is giving me code P0300 and P0301 with a very rough rough idle. It also seems to be stuck in limp mode. Is there any information that I might be missing that could be of help?

john e denson

Dec 3, 2020
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HI, did you hear the 2007 engine running before you switched engines? It could be any number of reasons it is idling rough. I do not think your problem has anything to do with changing coil wires or adapting the connector to the camshaft. I would reset the computer and try again. I had to take an old Dodge Spirit to the shop to figure out why it was running rough. It had an old computer that few shops had a scanner that would work on it. The guy did a scan while running and told me the problem. He charged me nothing. I gave him a twenty-dollar tip and thanked him.