2.8 running cold

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    Oct 25, 2020
    Got a 55plate 2.8, the temperature gauge is running cold gets to the first quarter, I have had the thermostat and housing replaced but this has not resolved the issue, even on a longer trip. Any suggestions of what to look at next? Everything I read says change the thermo
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    The stock thermostat is lame and expensive. Don't throw your old thermostats away because there's a modification that can be made so the innards can be changed out. The modification requires some lathework and welding. Check out my Feb 8 2020 post on Corky Kj's thread "Exasperated KJ Owner! Requires brain transplant or sledge hammer!" for drawings.

    Best known solution is TURBO-DIESEL-FREAK's replacement thermostat housing. Expensive until you buy several worthless original thermostats. He's usually on the LOSTJEEPS forum. Lots of good 2.8 CRD info over there.

    55 plate 2.8???
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