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    Non Invasive CB install

    After looking around for about a week on where to install my new cb in my jeep libby i wasnt happy with the ammount of "permenent" changes i had to make by doing so. So i made an attempt to install my cb, wiring, and antenna's without making any noticable alterations to my jeep. I started...
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    Need help with cb antenna!

    Im looking to mount a cb antenna on my 03 kj renegade using the existing antenna port... the only kicker is i want 8-10ft of antenna and have it "clipped on" to my roof rack (have it tied back most of the time) firesticks seem too stiff to do this although i like the look/performance of it... i...
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  11. My KJ Rene

    My KJ Rene

  12. Jeep Liberty Renegade

    Jeep Liberty Renegade

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    Renegade Owners ONLY!

    thx! ive accually done a few small things since the pics, nothing fancy. blacked out all the front lights, and had the front windows tinted... currently trying to figure out how i can get a reciever mounted on the front for a winch without chopping up my brush guard... any ideas>?
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    Renegade Owners ONLY!

    couple more :)
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    Renegade Owners ONLY!

    my jeep renegade