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    Ham Radio Install

    Has worked great so far....hoping though that I find a new dual-bander under the tree.
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    What should I do for new tires?

    I recently put a set of Yokohama Geolandrs on my Libby. Haven't been off road with them yet, but the highway ride is fairly smooth and they are pretty quiet too. Including installation got a set for $585.
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    Help! KJ Overheating

    Jeep still overheating at interstate speeds, but I think the problem has been diagnosed. Went by a radiator shop Saturday, told old fellow that owns it came out, felt my upper and lower rad hoses which were hot and then felt my radiator which wasn't. Clogged radiator. Spent this afternoon...
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    Help! KJ Overheating

    Didn't remove the plug, I'll give that a try. Do I need to drain the coolant I put in and refill?
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    Help! KJ Overheating

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    Help! KJ Overheating

    OK, I have flushed the green stuff out, put in a new water pump (the one I took out looked fine), put in a new thermostat, went ahead and replaced the lower rad hose while I was down there, re-filled with Zerex G-05. I left the cap off of the overflow tank while it was running, got quite hot and...
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    Help! KJ Overheating

    They used the wrong coolant, used green instead of Zerex; don't know that it being in the system for one week and 900 miles was enough to cause this problem. I just ordered all the parts I need to change the water pump and the thermostat, plus a couple of other things I need from Advance Auto...
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    Help! KJ Overheating

    Made it home OK, had to stop a couple of times and let it cool down. Last weeks flush/fill was for maint, but once I got the chance to read some other threads on here I realized that they used the wrong kind of anti-freeze...don't think that would have messed anything up in 900 miles though...
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    Help! KJ Overheating

    I'm actually sitting on the side of the road while typing this; KJ started overheating, I'm letting it cool down so I can hopefully limp on home (not far away). Hoses are fine, serpentine belt is fine, no noise from the water pump (is there such a thing as a silent water pump failure?). Had the...
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    the heeps almost finished. pics inside

    Nice! What kind of winch mount did you use?
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    Looking at a couple of Jeeps

    Hope you are successful in pushing your wife towards a Liberty instead of a Trailblazer. I had a Buick Rainier (basically a dressed up Trailblazer); most troublesome vehicle I've ever owned and it was the last GM product I'll ever buy.
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    Hard water spots on windows

    When we bought our used motorhome it had windshield spotting; I truly didn't realize how bad it was until the first time I drove it at night; the distortion of oncoming lights made it dangerous to drive. I tried the usual home remedies and nothing worked. I ordered some Spot-X and I was amazed...
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    What did you sell or trade to get your KJ?

    Didn't sell or trade, but totaled my Buick Rainier (last GM product I'll ever buy). Glad to be back in a Jeep!
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    Should I and how much$$$

    If you decide to keep it, unless you have someone that can drive it around a little every week, be sure to prep it for long term storage. Thanks for your service!