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    Which direction should electric cooling fan blow?

    Yes, electric fan should blow in through radiator toward engine, mine does. Mine is 3 wire and 05.
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    Live data p0172 p0175

    Your meter is not set right --your are switched to milli volts--should be set to milli amps. But if the load is over 200 mills the fuse in meter will blow.
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    How does my shaft look

    I wondered when someone would respond with that:D
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    2002 jeep 3.7 v6 no fuel pump on no spark

    There's not even a period at the end.
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    Speedometer Not Working Intermittently

    Now you know why the mileage is as low as it is----------
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    Transmission Temp Gauge

    Seal trans pan bolt w/ RTV Troy has mentioned this-It's either the second from the front or second from the back on the drivers side of trans pan. You can see that the threaded hole goes into the sump reservoir and can leak past the threads. The other bolt holes are blind holes into the case...
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    07 jeep library

    The librarian thought it was way too loud and turned it off.
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    china help

    That's for the speedometer, for the hall effect sensor to count revolutions.
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    help help

    Probably a cheap cap, made in china--
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    help help

    Gas cap
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    Possible Recall 2002-2007?

    A 2PDT will work, connect fan to common and have it toggle between "normal" and connecting 12 v to high fan only. I used a DPDT relay at fan area and just ran to SPST switch to control the relay--less wires to run.
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    Trying to start the recovered jeep (Lucy)

    What ever happened on the insurance settlement, if it was posted I missed it. As far as your question, the answer is sure go for it.
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    PSA: Check your caliper bolts

    The red Loctite has to be heated to remove, use the blue Loctite on bolts you will want to remove.
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    Possible Recall 2002-2007?

    Got mine done this morning, done in less than an hour.
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    Possible Recall 2002-2007?

    Ordered the hitch wiring kit(curt#55382) from best buy, on sale for $27.99, with free shipping.