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    Fuel sender unit or fuel pump issue?

    The injectors seemed to do more for the startup than the pump did. Both are good to do though. If you flip the rail over with the injectors mounted, check if they seep with pressure. The counterintuitive thing is if one or two of them are dirty they can jam slightly open and bleed down the rail...
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    Fuel sender unit or fuel pump issue?

    I got the amazon vendor to warranty it out, but ended up replacing the injectors too. Seems it was partially the pump and partially injectors, or the bad pump threw grit at the injectors.
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    2006 Jeep liberty has a rumbling noise coming from underneath

    If you have access to it, jacking the whole vehicle up on a lift and activating the axles can be quite revealing of driveline issues.
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    2004 Jeep Liberty Rust on Passenger Door

    Sure, might be a little bit yet. They have a head count on their website at least, even if it doesn't show whats still mounted.
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    2004 Jeep Liberty Rust on Passenger Door

    As cheap as full rocker skins are online, I didn't feel it worth the monkeying with fiberfilling them. A little welding and seam sealer, didnt bother with the nice edging other than sealing. Finish with POR 15 and bedliner, fluid filmed the inside.
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    Better Rear Bump Stops?

    Are the lower bump stops stock? I don't have those but would like them.
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    Fuel Injector Troubleshooting

    Ive tried the $36 set from china and they lasted a year(though it was probably pump grit), got some $180 bosch on the way. Honestly its about comparable to the mopars if you look on rockauto. I got my bosch set from amazon. You can flush them a little too.
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    Dreaded P0420 help.

    Ebay is usually the source for that. In a parts store you will get the "spark plug de-fouler" item. The ebay ones I have now are a little more purpose built with a mesh inside that stabilizes temperature a little better. Look to pay 25-30 each.
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    2006 Liberty fuel problem

    Most likely your fuel pump just ate dirt. If someone drilled your tank, it probably only put more dirt in it. Take the module out of the tank and replace the sock or the whole module(they can be had cheap, but the sock isn't hard.). The injectors are the unwitting victims of this issue, since a...
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    P0354 Troubleshooting

    The dreaded coolant tank leak.... Both times I have had that happen it dropped boiling water/antifreeze on the coil packs for that side. When that happens they can get damaged for excess heat on the top. Most likely replace the coils and it will get better. Had one time where all 3 were...
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    Throttle issue

    TPS and Temp wires are in the same harness leg. If you had a crispy or iffy wire in that leg, moving the intake pipe could have made the wire break or short.
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    Dreaded P0420 help.

    The cat if shot by a laser themometer it should be really hot at the outlet regardless of the inlet -+. Thats how the Sensor spacer adapters work, like a filter capacitor of the heat. I replaced my cats and couldn't get the computer happy since they were californias before and I dont have a...
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    Just a noise...

    The windex is merely a transient diagnostic aid that won't gum anything up. Also can rule out a squeaking belt(which they do sometimes too). Once you know what really squeaks then you can properly **** it.
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    Just a noise...

    Ive had two sets of AC pulley bearings go gritty through the years. It may not show up at beltless speed though. Sometimes the noise can be the AC pulley clutch face dragging too. If you shoot it with windex and it goes quiet for a minute then you know.
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    Fuel filter add on?

    After having a chinese fuel pump throw stuff into the injectors and mess them up, I realized the oversight of the 2005 system. In the injected planes that I work on for a day job, they use a fuel filter before and after the pumps in case the pumps eject debris. Thusly, I want to add a filter at...

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