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Discussion in 'Lift Kit Discussion' started by fold, Apr 21, 2015.

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    Apr 19, 2015
    I an new to builds and iv heard about standard lift but people say wait and save up for a coil over lift but nobody has explained the benifits or down sides. Can someone please explain in detail why I should pay more. Im just wanting to know.
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    Why you should pay more????:shrug::shrug: Don't know why you should but ......
    Little background so you know I'm not totally full of BS:shrug::happy175:
    On mine I updated to OME 927/948s at 20,000 miles due to the crappy stock ride. Right away it rode and handled at least 110% better , 100,000 miles later went to the next lift ( another OME but 790 front coils due to bumper etc) , then tested the Ironman out when it was introduced, then moved on to the original coilovers . (Over 194,000 lifted miles on mine so far on the 4 different setups)
    When I went to the coilovers I took my buddy for a ride who also had the 927 /948 combo on his and his first comment was " you can actually feel the suspension working"
    While the OME and Ironman are fantastic lifts they do it by higher spring rates ( which the KJ needed anyways) but also when you hit say rairoad tracks/ bumps/ speed bumps etc you feel the suspension working but its almost a delayed action. With the coilover they soak up the bumps etc before you even notice they are there. ( if that makes sense to you)
    PLUS being adjustable, if you add a winch / bumper down the road you can adjust you ride height easily. Want it higher, just crank it up and they are rebuildable as well.
    Comparing the ride and handling of stock KJ with say 75,000 miles which I would rate at a 1.5 , Ironman and OME would be like a 5 or 6 and the coilovers a 8.5 -9 ( in my opinion)
    I got my Stepdad a 05 with 78,000 on last fall, can't stand to drive it compared to mine so much better ride overall both on and off road.
    So while I loved both of the others when I build my next KJ it will have coilovers