Interested in leasing a Patriot

Discussion in 'Patriot / Compass' started by LibertyFever, Dec 21, 2009.

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    Okay this week I managed to find a dealership that had a 2010 Patriot 4x4 North Edition for me to test drive.

    #1 The puny 4 cyl, 2.4L engine howled as you'd expect it to. I can't believe they sell it with A/C :eek: I wonder how it will behave on the interstate on ramps?

    #2 The CVT transmission shifted real smoothly, if you can call it shifting.

    #3 I'm not crazy about the 4WD or ESC operation but I suppose I can learn to use it or simply lock the 4WD in and turn off the ESC. And I don't think this is a true 4WD system, it seems more like AWD.

    #4 The ride was comfortable, the potholes hardly noticeable.

    #5 The biggest issue I found with the Patriot and the most common that I've read from other Patriot owners was the poor rear visibility. The rear view mirror and the rear window aren't very big leaving some big blind spots. I guess that's why it has over sized exterior rear view mirrors to compensate.

    Still I'm thinking of choosing it for a company vehicle. Of all the vehicles I get to choose from the Patriot was the only one that offered 4WD.