Instrument cluster not working and alarm will not shut off.

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    I’m trying to determine if my body control module might have gone haywire. Two weeks ago my instrument cluster just suddenly stops working and all warning lights stay on but the car runs just fine. Intermittently the gauges work for a few seconds and then don’t work. Yesterday started the car and immediately the alarm just starts going off, horn beeping, lights flashing and the only way to stop it was to disconnect battery. Whenever I connect the battery the alarm immediately starts going off. Disconnected the horns so I didn’t have to hear them blaring. Car still starts, runs and drives just fine. Any chance this would be the BCM? 2004 Liberty

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    Is this an Export model ie. not USA?

    CRD or Gasser?...Exports had 2004 CRDs.

    The Export models have a switch inside the engine bay facing upwards on the RHS of the engine bay.
    This switch is activated by the Hood being closed firmly.

    This is part of the standard alarm system for the Export Models...if someone forces the hood open while Jeep is locked...the switch activates and sounds the alarm.

    This switch can is easy to unplug it.

    Also normally if you lock the doors from outside by means of the Key Fob Remote and then unlock the front door or rear gate by means of the key...the alarm will sound. If you lock the Jeep with the Key Fob you need to unlock it by the Key Fob!
    When the Jeep is locked by means of the Key Fob a small red led rapidly flashes at the bottom of the cluster to indicate that it has been armed.

    You can excercise the Cluster as follows:

    Hold in the Odometer Reset plunger while at the same time turning the ignition ON.

    Each gauge should swing back and forth and all the cluster lamps should light up.

    This is not a diagnostic ie. no codes are posted but a means to check for failing gauges and lamps. The Odometer does display some digits at the end of the operation but this is merely the Software Version of the cluster.

    There is only one connector to the Cluster which you can try re-plugging.

    The Jeep KJ Service Manuals can be downloaded 2004 available but 2003 will be close enough. There are Sections that explain how things work and Section 8W has the Wiring Diagrams...wire colors may be different to the 2004 colors.
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