HOW TO: Replace the Heater Control

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    1. remove the center trim panel. the heater control will come off with this panel. Refer to the "How to" radio removal steps 1 to 3 if you need instructions.

    2. remove 3 connectors from the back of the attached heater control. The middle connector contains 6 vacuum tubes. You can: 1) snap the plastic assembly off (by expanding two securing tabs on the rearmost side of the assembly) or 2) remove the group away from the plastic mount (by pushing in the 4 clear tabs on the soft inner housing).

    (spread white tabs out to release yellowish connector)
    (image hosting by Image Shack -- thanks)

    3. remove the aux. power/ash tray connector. The assembly is now clear of all connectors/harnesses.

    4. remove 4 phillips head screws holding the heater control to the trim panel.

    5. screw the new heater control to the center trim panel and reassemble in the reverse order.