1. R

    New Tires

    What is the biggest tire I can run on a stock liberty 2012? Looking to pick some up make the car sit a little taller and look better. Not sure if I want to lift in a the future.
  2. Bigfootyetti

    Max tire size with Ironman 4x4 1.5" lift?

    After much internal struggle, I finally pulled the trigger on the Ironman 4x4 1.5" lift (with HD springs) along with a full front and rear refresh package, well deserved after a rough and rowdy 187k miles. It's also due time for new tires, so here's where my question comes in. What is the...
  3. J

    265/70/16s or 245/75/16s

    Hello, Just got myself a set of 5 MOAB rims from a TJ (with one 245/75/16 Duratrac MTRs as the spare from the previous owner). Currently I have 235/75/16s and it didn’t rub when it was stock, and still doesn’t rub after installing the 2” BDS lift. I’m looking at 265/75/16 tires but wanted an...
  4. 1

    Rims and Tires

    Hi All, New Here. I think I originally put this in the wrong place. I Just started working on a 2005 limited and wanted to know if I can switch from the stock 17" rims to 15" so I can get the tires I want (Cooper 30/9.5R15 Disc. STT Pro)without modifying anything or what you all might...
  5. G

    Regarding clearance

    My friends, I beg that you go easy on me. ‘07 Liberty Sport, 2wd, stock ride height I bought some nice black rims from a jk with size 285 tires on them. I also picked up some 2” hubcentric spacer adapters. I jacked up everything and put them on and the clearance was good in the back. The...
  6. D

    Help on planning a KJ lift and tire combo

    Hey, new member here, I would like some help on seeing what lift kit I need if I want to run 265/75/r16 31x10.5 in tires on the Moab rims. Mostly looking for what size suspension lift in inches I would need, but suggestions would be great as well. If this combo isn’t possible without cutting I...
  7. N

    Lift- Project Lady Liberty

    Hey guys. This is the first forum I have ever joined, because I have an 03 Liberty Renegade with 280,000 miles (yes i know thats a lot). I want to make it my ride or die college car. I want to make it look nice, without sacrificing good daily driver capabilities, but would also love to go...
  8. S

    2006 Jeep liberty shifting

    Hey I have a 2006 limited 3.7 jeep liberty with an ome/bilstein 3 inch lift and 245/70r17 (30.5) tires and I have heard about pinion index reset to fix shifting issues (I drive in a hilly area most of the time with over drive off otherwise the transmission hunts for gears) but I also heard the...