1. M

    Brake grabbing

    05 liberty 150000mi. I’ve been in and out of the shop trying to isolated a brake issue . After replacing a booster, front calipers, hoses and all lines to the master cylinder the brakes will still grind you to a stop and smoke, I can’t seen to get 20 miles down the road. Everything’s fine...
  2. Ambra

    How to eliminate ABS, ESP, BAS lights?

    Hey guys, I’m having issues with my abs, esp and bas light all of a sudden. It comes on randomly. Also I noticed there’s a kick under my foot when I press my brakes. It even sounds like a disk is moving across another disk. I literally did $4,000 worth of work on my Liberty the other day...
  3. J

    2006 KJ - ABS, Traction Control, ESP/BAS, Brake Light

    I’m going to start a new thread on this because I feel like I hijacked another thread by mistake. Sorry about that guys. I’m making this new one becasue I haven’t seen a thread that includes the brake light as well. I recently bought a 2006 KJ that had the ABS, ESP/BAS, and traction control...
  4. B

    Need ABS Troubleshooting help

    Hi All, I am trying to troubleshooting an ABS issue on my 2012 Liberty and have not been able to find the exact same symptoms in the other threads I've read through. Here's what's happening... *ABS/Traction/Service 4w Drive lights are on (sometimes red brake light) *I have cleared them a...
  5. N

    ABS light on...I dont have abs...

    '02 liberty has ABS light on...i dont have ABS in this one....WHY???
  6. Jim McClain

    ABS & Brake Indicator Lights Came On

    The warning lights for ABS and brakes came on today after I put my KJ in R to back out of my driveway. They stayed on all the way to my mechanic, where he connected it to a computer check. It said my front L&R brake sensors were not operating. He looked around and thought that would be unusual...

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