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    1. jlterry
      Hey i have a quick question and peoplee say your the one to ask.. I have a 05 liberty and people are telling me i cant put a 06 3.7 into it. It has to be a 05 3.7 is that true... Also if not i dont want to put more money into it if i have swap parts over
    2. Sand dude
      Sand dude
      2006 Jeep Liberty transfer box question. 242 J box Rig off the ground shift into 4 wheel either part time or full time no movement of front tires. Is there a electrical override module that controls transfer box shifting? I thought it was totally manual am I wrong.

      Thanks for you time
      Hello, I have 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.7, It overheated and I have lost 100% compression on cylinders 5 and 6, piston and cylinders seem to be intact as of the camera view and tests we have run, compressed air into the spark plug hole appears that we have a leak in the intake manifold, (we think intake valve). Have you had any experience with a Jeep engine losing 5 and 6
      Thank you, I have searched a lot of different forums and found a lot of good information from you. Thanks, oh and do you know if I can pull heads without a complete engine removal
      Thank again
    4. Towtruckguy
      hello,i have a question regarding my 2002 jeep liberty 3.7 litre,you say the computers are the same from 02-04,i have an 03 donor engine to go into the 02,so would i have to change anything like reluctor ring or right side timing sprocket?please let me know if you can..thank you
    5. ngoduong
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      và muốn học chứng chỉ kế toán tại bắc ninh
      đang tìm trung tam day ke toan tai tphcm
      để tham gia lớp học kế toán cho người đã đi làm
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    6. TwoBobsKJ
      Ha! Not froze solid but darn cold! I've been traveling all over northeast Ohio and northwest PA visiting my customers. I'm on the road pretty much Tuesday morning thru Friday afternoon - will be that way for another three weeks. Then it's 2 solid weeks of paperwork - Ugh!

      Absolutely love my KJ - never a worry about getting stuck and I've been in some deep snow this winter. Thursday with the wind I ran through some drifts in Ashtabula County that would scare a snowmobiler and the Libby didn't waver a bit. How are you doing? The job going OK? And did you ever get a 2nd vehicle with better mileage?

      When spring gets here would love to head your way. I put in the leather heated/powered seats so can help you put yours in if you still want to pursue that project. And I'm really intrigued by JBA's new coilovers - I think that's my next upgrade ;)

      Talk soon!

    7. tommudd
      Hey there Bob, Hows life going ? Haven't talked for a while and wanted to make usre you were not froze solid somewhere LOL
      Take care
    8. Lusliberty
      You can text photo to 734 652 3103 where in ohio are you ?
    9. Lusliberty
      These are direct bolt on ? My husband asked . Stainless or painted ?also photo if possible.See your running 255 we put 2.5 daystar with new springs and struts and shocks .what did you do to lift yours? Lu
    10. Lusliberty
      Photos ? Price we are near TOLEDO OHIO
    11. TwoBobsKJ
    12. jschenck
      Already have that article saved! :)
    13. TwoBobsKJ
      Awesome! Do a search in the How-To section for "brake control" for an overview of wiring up a controller. It's not complicated but a more involved than it would be if Jeep had put a plug-n-play harness in for it.

    14. jschenck
      Thanks for all the help with the HD cooling setup! Finally got it done! Now on to other goodies down the road... Brake controller and a hypertech programmer!
    15. TwoBobsKJ
      Yes, I have FelPro valve cover, rear main seal, front main seal and timing cover gaskets and they're doing their job so far. Don't know what other brands I would have gone with other than the FelPro - good price (not the cheapest tho) and they all fit as they should.

      Hope this helps!

    16. rangertojeep
      hey bob. saw your posting for the felpro gaskets.... do you currently run these in your vehicle and if so are they a good product from your experience? I've seen mixed reviews. Just wanted your input.
    17. TwoBobsKJ
      I'm running OME springs - 927's in front, 948's in the rear. Bilstein shocks (rears from a 2003 Dodge Dakota 4WD pickup for the extended length.) Added one rear upper isolator on each side, JBA 1/4" top plates on top of each shock and 2 conduit nuts on the bottom of the front shock stub to raise the clevis 1/2". Also have the JBA Tri-Link extension on the rear upper control arm.

    18. Bboyyumm
      Hey, what suspension set up do you have if you don't mind my asking?
    19. veney
      Hey i saw youre post on my thread and yes i know theres alot behind a lift but im just wondering my biggest concern is what else would i need other that a lift, because im looking into JBAs lift ive heard really good things on it and it comes with pre cut cv joints on the 4 inch lift, but they also offer the 2 inch lift and i think the 2 inch would be more reasonable, so is it basically the higher you go more money you spend on parts?
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