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    1. M38 Bob
      M38 Bob
      Roof Rack? You have one? If so how deep are the sides? I'm in the process of building one, to include a roof mounted spare carrier.

      Please feel free to contribute to thread I've started in "Fabrication" sub-forum.


    2. mikejeepstarternoob
      Just visited to say thank you so much for your help! You've answered so many questions of mine.
    3. TunesKJ
      Hey Tom I've been trying to find a Write-up, or DIY on how to install the TM 3.5 Econo Lift. I just recently bought mine but the instructions it came with have stains on it and hard to read. Any links for the install would be greatly appreciated!
    4. TunesKJ
      Sorry to be a such a nag but Ive done alot of reading and you seem to know your stuff compared to others! What all comes in the Econo kit? What kind of issues will i run into with all that extra stuff, id honestly like to go as high as possible without the JBA Coils. I feel like i read in other fourms people running a similar setup. I also test fitted my cousins Pro Comp wheels with 3.75" back spacing n had no caliper issues, is that a good indication that with 4-5" of back spacing the same rims should fit. Lastly what tire would you recommend in a 32" over the intercos for mud terrain. If you can include or show me to a fender trimming add that would be of great help too. Thanks for all your wisdom and knowledge Tom!
    5. TunesKJ
      Hey Tom if run the Tommudd Econo 3.5 lift kit with Heavy Duty springs 1/4" JBA strut spring rings, 1/4" JBA upper strut plate, 0.5 JBA clevis spacer, & 2 rear JBA coil isolators per side, plus 4.10 gears. Could i run Interco truxs mt or tsl Radials in a 32x10.5x15 tire? Why Interco, looking for the most aggresive mud radial, not concerned with road noise only performance more in mud than in rain or snow... Also my cousin runs Pro Comp 15x8 rims with 3.75 back spacing/-19 offseton his XJ... Can i run that size or do you recomment a 15x7 with the same offset?
    6. slipinkramer
      Hi Tom,

      I ran the Rubicon this past weekend in my 2004 Liberty. 1/3 of the way into the trail my front came down hard off a boulder and it hit on the front axle housing about 1-1/2" to the passenger side of the pumpkin. The housing broke clean through into 2 pieces, just like it had been cut with a saw. There are no jagged edges or broken bits; my axle tube just looks like 2 lengths of aluminum tubing butted together but not joined.

      My diff lube was rapidly lost but since the CV axle shaft running inside the housing was not harmed, I sealed the gap with rubber tape, added oil and was able to complete the trail and drive home. The rig wheels and drives normally.

      1) Have you seen this type of break before in the Dana 30A?

      2) Since the break is clean and the 2 pieces can be aligned into place easily, I'm considering welding the pieces back together in place. What do you think?


    7. John3seventeen
    8. kjx2
      Ok question on clevis spacer 1/2 spacer equals 1" can I stack 2 also how may rear isolators do I need depending on clevis to equal same lift front n rear
    9. trailbound
      How do I look at other's photos of their KJs for a little inspiration?
    10. Armysniper
      Hey buddy!!!!! Who's the moderator in this site? I ask cause liberty family is a stalker his in here cause a female neighbor I have dump him and he just here to start problems with members. He don't even own a jeep liberty. Thanks
    11. Armysniper
      Hey Tom is Armysniper, Luis from Fl. I already have my ome kit and a few conduits. My question is the 1/4" JBA strut plate how much more will give me?
      Around 0.5? Please let me know so I can get it before the install. Thx
    12. kj2002vzla
      hello tom, im luis from venezuela...hopefully tomorrow ill buy the econo lift with 0.500 clevis spacers and the hd springs, how much height this will give me?...i was looking to get around 4 inch, and if i build a rear bumper like yours (rock lizard) does my kj will be lowered even with the jba 4 inch springs? thank you tom ;)
    13. kj04libby
      In the $100 it less mod thread you said flat floors for sleeping. please explain I really would like to do that myself.
    14. Backwood Bluffian
      Backwood Bluffian
      Money is always tight but I had a spacer lift before and it rode like a three-legged camel so never again! Its back to stock for now but still rides like junk! I know the suspension is worn out cause I have 122k on ole bessie! I was just gonna ask a few more questions to soak up a little more wisdom from you. I was wondering if the whole tri-link extension is worth it or just add the two upper isos in the rear, 3/8 in clevis and top plate in front and call it a day if it sits level, oh and of course JBA arms in front? Thanks. Oh and any pics of that set up I discussed would be very helpful thanks.
    15. tommudd
      I've had a couple that were a royal pain, had to take one back apart and when I put it back together it fell right into place. Wish I was there to see it it and give ya some help
    16. 2-old

      I can get it lined up forward to back, I can't get it lined right up and down. The shackle arm will not go over the bushing and lock in withh the half-moon protrusion on the shackle arm. It needs to come up, and it is not moving up and down.

    17. 2-old
      Hi Tom

      Just changed front driver CV joint today. My problem is the rear shackle arm will not line up with the hole on the LCA. It is off by halfway low. I have a BDS lift and changed the Pass. side last week with little problems.

      I have tried jacking the LCA up, putting tire on and letting the weight down on it, and prying up and down. I have the shackle bolt in from the front, but it just won't line up.

      All help is appreciated in advance as it is my only vehicle and I need it by Tuesday at the latest. I know it is just probably a simple problem, but I am out of ideas.

      Thank You
    18. Porkchop
      Hay Tom its porkchop wonder if you can help with your opinion I want to buy a Matrix for my 07. I have a set of 927s with bilstiens and new upper shock mounts all put together ready to go. I also have 3/8 top plates and will do a 3/8 clevis lift. Right now I only have a 1/4 top plates 1/4 clevis lift and springs made by John R spring (local spring shop). Do you think the 927s will handle the Matrix I would hate to have to buy new springs after just buying the 927s not knowing at the time about the Matrix and saving and buying parts for the last four months. What do you think. Just so you know I have new OME bilstiens and isolators for the rear I'm also running 265 75 16 and 410s right now. So whant to do some bumper trimming and a Matrix but not if I will rune new springs right away maybe next time. Thanks for your opinion on this. Best I can figure the Matrix is about 90 to 95 lbs compared to a 150 lb ARB.
    19. WICKED KJ
      hey Tom, its Damion.
      what O2 sensors should i get and how many? 4 right? i havent replaced them since ive had it. i figured i'd ask you instead of gettin thrown around for goose chase.
    20. CIEJEK
      hey tom im micheal new to this forum, been on lost for a little while now, but you seem to know alot so i have a question for you about a friends liberty.....ok so after reading countless threads about RRO and their Rockfather Kit, my buddy who just bought a 06 liberty with the RRO rockfather kit installed on it, all he would have to do is buy some OME rear Springs and some bilstein shocks for a great lift kit? is that correct, me personally i knwo their customer service sucks i called them to ask about their kit and they suck. so i peiced my lift together, but please point me in the right direction, i think he also has the RRO insane arms as well..... the kit as about 12,000 miles on it they seem to be holding up as far a i know i told him to buy the JBA arms though but please correct me on the rear lift
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