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    1. 2002KJLimited
      Why were the Komodo rear bumpers discontinued?
    2. deboy922
      2003 Liberty 42RLE - Installed NAPA kit transmission pan gasket (black rubber)...bolts torqued to 165's leaking. What is the torque spec...165 in-lbs, 174 in-lbs, 105 in-lbs, ??? Is it different for gasket vs RTV? Thanks!
    3. Senistr
      Where are you in Colorado? I am in Colorado Springs.
    4. wolfman_moya
      hey man, first off your jeep is amazing haha i just had a quick question. i recently just took the spare tire carrier off my trunk just like you have. what did you put in the holes that were left by the 4 bolts? i was able to get 2 bolts into the top two holes but i cant gtet the bottom ones in no matter what i try. just hoping you would know since you have dont it. thanks!
    5. Chosw
    6. LaneKJ
      Sent you a PM. Could use your help. .
    7. WarVet
      The KJ in your profile pic is badass....what do you have in it so far?
    8. c3005
      Hello Sir,
      I apologize from approaching you like this, but for some reasons I can not open a new thread /post on the forum, and by reading your posts I realized that you are very knowledgeable about kj's.
      I would appreciate your advice at any level.
      I have a 2004 Liberty Limited 3.7 stock everything.
      I would like to know witch cam bolts ( location and direction) do I have to adjust in order to increase positive caster.
      My car is wondering on highways and if I turn the steering wheel at any speed the wheels do NOT self-center.
      I assume the caster is the problem..I don't want to think at rack&pinion yet or other suspension components .
      So far I adjusted the wheels..they were toe-out and I got them toe-in by 1/8 total.
      Thank you very much
      Have a great day
    9. crazyjeepkid
      was told to message you about led taillights that DO NOT turn on when i have headlights on but light up when i brake
    10. Bthoreson
      she is gorgeous just thought i would be the millionth person to say so!
    11. booslibby
      Just wanted to say man you got the most beautiful liberty iv ever seen!
    12. cohippy
      hey have a couple of questions about the lift you had on the "Gila Monster." What are the model of Rancho Shocks/Struts you put on it and did you have anything else along with it to give you height? What size tire did you run? Wondering if I would be able to run 32/10.50/15 or 16 on there with my 05 Renegade... or if not any guess on what is the largest I'd be able to run? Thanks man, I appreciate it (Where are you located in the Springs? I lived there for a number of years now down here in El Paso)

    13. ntreado
      Hey tjkj, do you happen to have an instructional on installing your hood louvers? or maybe you could just tell me the basics of the install? Thanks a lot. your jeep is awesome
    14. KJ in CO
      KJ in CO
      Hey there tjkj, it is KJ in CO from LOST. 1st time I have been to this site... Little different. I was tryin to find you to let you know that I am wanting to pick up that Rack and pinion sometime this week. I am gonna have the afternoons off for tue and weds. Also the afternoon of sat as well as all day sunday. I would much rather pick it up this weekend if at all possible for then I can have more time to get it swapped out. My email is [email protected] and name is william PLEASE write me back and let me know what will work for you. Thanks for everything
    15. aw_bus86
      KJ924 told me that you may have ran the SkyJacker 2.5" lift. I live in Hawaii and its so pricey getting the Franky out to me. Is the SkyJacker a good lift. It also comes with a 3yr parts and labor warranty from the guys at Four Wheel Parts Hawaii. Any info regarding this lift would be helpful. Total cost of lift after a military discount would be around $680

      Its a complete set less the bumpstops that I'll have to order....

      2003-04 Liberty;High quality shock and Softride coil in the front;Full-height Softride coils in the rear;Platinum Series rear shocks;Max tire size: 31x10.50

      With this set up, your replacing the ample strut with a higher quality shock and Softride coil in the front along with full-height Softride coils in the rear and Platinum Series rear shocks.
    16. doubleajaybrock
      What wheel and tire combo do you have......i read in another post somewhere that you had 16x7 with 4.5"BS.......but I can seem to find the right manufacture that carries that size. The ones Im finding all have 4" BS.

    17. jeep1350


      my kk has stock 16" wheels tire size 225/75/16 I was thinking about going up to 18" wheels tire size 235/60/18 would get good handeling out that or about same as stock 225/75/16?
    18. Mr_Ras
      I love your orange jeep!
    19. bmj2008
      im sorry the comment that all employees at autozone are idiots is unfair and untrue. please do not make that general asumption.
    20. gallaghr
      I am going to get a Detroit True Trac installed next week at a Jeep modification garage and they are telling me that they may require an install kit as well as a new bearing kit, they recommended the Yukon Gold bearing kit. Did you require anything when you had your TT installed on your front differential? How many hours of labour did your garage charge you and what additional parts, if any were required for a install on a Dana 30a?
      please email me offlist at [email protected]
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