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      great sub setup! did you calculate the air space for that sub box? matching the sub woofer to proper air space can really change the way...
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      exelbaradin replied to the thread hey there!.
      Well this is the story so far. https://www.jeepkj.com/threads/my-accidental-build.79414/
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      exelbaradin replied to the thread My Accidental Build.
      So now the really big things. I’m driving the car one day for about 45 mins I get to my destination and turn it off run my errands for...
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      exelbaradin replied to the thread My Accidental Build.
      so It was time to replace the oem stock cooler After replacing the cooler I got the rig a new set of tires She’s on a set of cooper...
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      so the history behind this car was a purchase out of necessity. our previous car was a little corolla and it got hit and totaled. so we...
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      exelbaradin posted the thread hey there! in Introductions.
      new to the forum, been browsing the forum for a little while now. i have a 2005 limited 2wd as a family car been slowing doing a few...
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