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    No dash lights this morning.

    Good to hear, fingers crossed that's it.
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    No dash lights this morning.

    Just found a diagram, looks like fuse #6 might be it, Instrument/Switches illumination.
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    No dash lights this morning.

    I did check the damper and the lights I mentions did fluctuate when I adjusted it.
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    No dash lights this morning.

    Started up the Jeep this morning, 06 Liberty, and there are no dash lights on, the ones that illuminate the gauges. The part time 4WD, the mileage and the fog light indicators were on but they are stand alone. Is there a dedicated fuse for the back lighting, seem weird the whole thing would...
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    Muffler replacement.

    I'm replacing my muffler and tail pipe this weekend and bought the muffler, tail pipe, connector pipe and clamps in one package. I was just thinking and checked the product description of what I ordered, it has a note saying that no front gasket is required,it would be where the connector pipe...
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    06 no horn sound?

    When I hit my horn I hear a clicking noise but no horn sound, I checked a fuse diagram and I thing fuse #1 was tied to the horn but the fuse doesn't look blown but I changed it anyway and I'm still just getting the clicking sound. Does this mean that the horn needs replacing, I could pull one...
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    PJC Light Khaki Metallic

    Has anyone ever tried to paint with this stuff? I've been touching up my front grill so i removed, cleaned, primed and cleaned again. Now the guy at the paint store did tell me that it would take numerous light coats to get this right but I'n already in 2 cans of paint at $20 a pop, about 12...
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    PJC paint code?

    Went to the local paint store this weekend and had them mix me up a can of PJC, when I said the code the guy even said, "oh, light khaki metallic." I said yep that's the one so I go home, prep my part, prime it and then went to spay the PJC but all it is, is clear with metallic flakes. Is this...
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    Rear axle asm

    Guys thank you both for your responses and Dave I just took a shot on this Liberty as I got it a really good price knowing that there was something wrong with it. The rear dif had no oil in it at all and the whole thing is shot. Luckily my boss is going to let our mechanic at work do the...
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    Rear axle asm

    So I need a new rear axle assembly for my 06 Liberty 3.7, I know I need 3.73 gear ratio and 12.25 ring gear diameter but the mechanic that diagnosed it told me to make sure I get a locking limited slip differential. Friday I talked to someone selling one and he told me, as far as he knew, they...
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    What year fit what year?

    I need to get a new rear axle assembly, I know I need 3.73 gear ratio, 8.25 ring gear diameter and it has to have locking limited slip differential but what years of Liberty can I get one from, is it just 06-07?
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    06 rear axle assembly

    I guess that's what I was confused about...the thing rides and drives nice except for the noise so even if the dif is running dry and is shot why the hell would that effect the whole axle assembly. Thanks for the reply and I think I'll have someone else look at it.
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    06 rear axle assembly

    I think I just may have made a huge mistake, here to try to find out how big. I bought an 06 KJ from a guy, only 100k runs well but I knew there was something wrong underneath, makes a whinny noise while driving. The guy told me it was something to do with the 4x4 and that if worse came to...

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