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Oct 30, 2019
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2005 KJ sport 4x4. Has a 231 J transfer case. Attempting to remove the transfer case for a rebuild. Can not locate all 6 bolts that connect case to transmission. I’ve read on this forum that two are hidden. The transmission mount (part kj3 7L) seems to be in the way. Does this part need removed to access all the bolts? I’ve been able do all of my own mechanics on my kJ since I got it back in 2007 but this might have whipped me. Any help is much appreciated.


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Dec 1, 2016
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The two 'hidden' bolts are on top of the case. You should be able to stick your hand up there and feel them.

In order to remove them, you will have to lower the transmission/transfer case assembly to create more space. Remove the trans crossmember (with the attached trans mount), which will allow you to lower the trans a couple of inches (make sure you support it, don't just let it hang down). That should give you enough space to put a wrench on those two nuts. I've heard of people using a short stubby wrench. Personally, I was unable to get enough leverage to loosen the nuts with a stubby wrench. I used a flexhead wrench. However you end up doing it, those two nuts are a real pain.

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