Metals Preservation

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Johnny O

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Apr 29, 2021
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Bellevue NE
Well folks, issues have arisen. The Duplicolor etch primer was garbage, going on like fine sand and not bonding at all. One could wipe it off with a finger after 48 hours cure time. The Rustoleum etch primer went on perfectly and after a 300 ultra fine wet sand provided a magnificent base for both Duplicolor and Rustoleum paint on all formed sheet aluminum parts for the tire delete.

As for the cast aluminum and stainless steel hood latch parts, I decided to test both products on them so as not to waste too much of the leftover primers and paint and the ease with which they can be stripped due to small size. Fail on all accounts. Primers went on fine, but neither brand of paint cured properly, resulting in good looking, but sticky coatings. I have no idea why this happened as everything was cleaned and treated the same between sheet metal and cast aluminum.

All I can figure is the texture of cast parts allowed for stripper or degreaser residue to remain even after two washings in a laboratory grade steam scrubber. I will re-strip those and try the POR-15 caliper kit on them, since that is what I had intended to use anyway.

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