Install lower timing chain rail only - without removing the cover.

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May 11, 2023
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I replaced the passengers side (USA) head gasket and i removed the LOWER rail in the process
which now has to be reinstalled.

How can i do that without removing the timing chain cover.

I sense that I can slip the rail over the fully released tensioner but I'm having some doubts as to whether I'll be successful.

If the tensioner could be depressed there wouldn't be a problem but it's obviously not depressed.
I don't think that it's an impossible task but it will come with some difficulty.

So does anyone have any Macgyver advice or a suggestion which might make it easier.

That's the issue and if you're interested in the whole story.... I replaced the chains ,tensioners & guides , and closed it up.
Then I replaced the head gasket and valve cover gasket, tightened down the valve cover and thats when this mess began due to breaking a valve cover fastener/bolt.
And of course the broken bolt was the one at the back near the firewall which meant that the head had to come back off in order to remove the broken bolt in the head ( lesson learned)

And here we are with this one little released tensioner sticking it's head up making it a bit difficult to sit the rail onto.
AS I'm writing this I'm beginning to wonder if I could have avoided this by not having had to remove the rail in the first place , which might come to me later today but I do believe that the rail was in the way of removing the head given the tight quarters.

So there you have it and hopefully one of you will inspire me to move forward with confidence and assure me that besides knocking the chain off of its correct position, I'll be fine

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