HOW TO: Kayak Rack (for under $35)

Discussion in 'Fabrication' started by Arizona KJ Carlos, Dec 5, 2007.

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    Great idea and looks great!!! Went to Home Depot this morning and got the U-Bolts...the same ones you said. The seem a big too big...more of a gap between the side bar thats already on my 2003 Liberty Renegade. Might take them back and get a U thats not as wide but still has the length so that it will be snug even with the rubber bungee wrapped around. I was thinking of going 4.5 to 5ft on my bars...just to be able to hold 2 kayaks with no worries. Only thing is that I would have to buy two 8' pieces and cut them, but the 8' alum bars are slightly thinner gaged aluminum than the 4'. Think I might fill the insides with that Stop-Gap Expanding foam stuff for durability as an added extra. I know this post is a few years old and might not get commented back on that quickly...but let me know what you think about the smaller width U-bolts and the thinner gaged bars w/putting Stop Gap inside them.