Hood Water Stains= Needed a Pro Detailer

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    My poor Jeep water stains in hood returned after a previous clay bar & detail Last fall, I did.
    It was time for a professional. I checked out a few pro type shops, and was not impressed.
    So I called a friend of mine which has some classic cars and I'm glad I did!
    His recommendation pointed me to a shop and man that truly is a 20 year experienced body person, that is now a very picky pro detailer, that actually cares about his work!! :gr_grin:
    Mark at Paragon Auto Spa in North Vancouver knows his stuff all right.
    Time for a clay bar..
    Using a 3M rubbing compound he was hoping to get those nasty stain out.

    It took a while with the compound to really polish the hood.
    He was not happy yet and went over it twice to attack the stains, finally after 30 minutes of working, stains were gone! :party52:
    In the end, a solid paste Carnauba wax was buffed in for good protection.

    I have always done the Jeep detail work myself!
    This time however, his service was needed!
    He did excellent work on the hood. For $50 I call that a deal.:party52:
    It would probably cost about $240 to do a full exterior detail.
    I think I should save up & get er done by him in the spring. The jeep needs it.
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    Jun 4, 2015
    Holy poop stains that looks great bet you see your reflection in that hood. Now you need to go to your local bass pro shoppe cabellas even sports authority. Get a c02 bb gun. Watch for birds. Shoot a couple in the tail feathers they wont come back damn flying tree rats.